Tell us the details we really need.

Tell us what time an event occurs. Tell us what time we need to arrive. Tell us what money we will need. Tell us when we actually need to pay by. Tell us about any equipment we will need. Tell us of any limitations such as age that would stop us taking part. Tell us if we need a packed lunch. Tell us about catering facilities. Tell us what time it will end. Tell us each time a particular event occurs. We are not very good at remembering what happened last time. Bullet point it all. keep it short. Looks a mess if it goes onto extra lines. Remember, its your advertisement.


Do not tell us how to drive. Do not tell us about private functions that we cant go to. Do not list diaries in the wrong categories. This will irritate us and may result in our losing your entry.

If we visit you after reading your entry on here and find you have misinformed us, we will not be very pleased.

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