About us

My name is Gary. I moved to Poole 4 years ago. On New Years Eve, I wanted to take my two young children out to see in the New Year. Much to my astonishment, I couldn't find any details of suitable events. As it happened, I took a chance and visited Bournemouth Pier. There was a free disco and fireworks display. Apparently, it was only free to those 'in the know'.....

...I walked my kids to school in the rain only to find it was a teacher training day. I was very embarrassed, very irritated and very wet. They keep giving me a huge pile of paper that I throw into my office and lose....

I had a look at the Poole Gov site. I couldn't find the information I needed....

I thought about it....

I wanted a source of information that would tell me which days are teacher training, what day to send in money for milk, where I can take my kids for free and where I can get help when I need it. I wanted this information to be available to me at 3am as this is the time I think about these things (with the exception of New Years Eve). I needed it in a form that I couldn't chuck in the cupboard and lose.

I discussed this with my local Counsellor, Mr Trent, with my local Specialist Public Health Practitioner,  Mrs. Dion and my local community liaison officer, and somehow got volunteered into building this site with their help.....

Our aim is to build a website:-

bulletthat contains up to date information in a form that is easily understandable and useful to the public.
bulletthat is relevant to our area - being the Borough or Postal or Phone Book area of Poole. Services outside are only to be included if they serve this area.
bulletthat is freely available.
bulletthat is not biased in favour of any organisation, party or group.
bulletthat is acceptable and easy to use for advertising and communications purposes for the various free and subsidised help, services and event organisations within our community.
bulletthat is a useful reference tool for the organisations who use it.

We intend to achieve this:-

Progress to date:-

2001 Consultation period - local informal debates with various groups as to what would be useful - particular attention was paid to the Public. What the locals needed to know. What the professionals were trying to tell them. The chances of success.

2002 Learning curve - what facilities were available and what in terms of web space and technology would match the needs.

April 2003 Web space and names purchased.-  The site is privately owned and privately funded. The Borough has not had to pay anything towards the cost of the site or the labour costs incurred in building it.

May 2003 The draft site was online for testing purposes

October 2003 The site underwent preliminary testing and passed in all areas with the exception of the Venue Submission Phrase / Hyperlink. It was suggested this was changed to "Add your Stuff". We all agree this term is horrible, but we all understand it. Any other suggestions would be welcomed!

November 2003 Following the testing, the draft site was completely rebuilt to allow faster access and to separate the data pages from the site pages.

December 2003 the site was ready for launch.

January 2004 The site was tested live.

February 2004 The Site was launched with media coverage and public meetings.

February 2004 - October 2004 The host server kept crashing limiting access and potentially destroying the future of the site.

November 2004 Started assembling a second edition of the site.


Watch this space.....

If you feel able to offer any help, please get in touch.